BRECKPORT Collective

Breckport Media Solutions is a collection of two very talented, creative, experienced, skillful, and detailed people who decided to combine their attributes and work together as a team.  Professional Video Production Grass Valley.

Brendan Brooks

Brendan Clifton Brooks

Cinematographer, Camera, Lighting, Story, editing

Brendan has a no holds bar type of attitude and that is what makes him so sought after in Hollywood, but he chooses to stay in the area he and his family grew up to raise his children with his wife of 23 years.

Brendan brings with him many years behind the camera both moving and still and a love for doing things visually.  His musical career in bands gave him the chance to take stories and turn them into songs, now he can take his stories and his outlandish state of mind and put it on screen.

Knowing the camera is also knowing your subject, the surroundings, and your lighting, and Brendan knows them well.  He also has a knack for putting his ideas, visuals, and stills together in the editing bay.

Jim Heck

Jim Heck

Cinematographer, Camera, Audio, Technical, Idea man, editing

Jim brings with him a long history of engineering experience from RCA Avionics and Grass Valley Group in Audio, TV and Photography.

Gerald Davenport

Gerald Martin Davenport

Editing, Camera, Lighting, Story

Gerald has been a dreamer of dreams since age 3 and has been on a journey ever since to share those dreams and visions with others.

Gerald brings with him his Website Design and maintenance;  over 33 years of editing experience: film, TV, home movies, slideshows, corporate, music videos, you name it;  his Writing and Story experience;  over 43 years in music: Playing, Composing, Recording, and Editing;  and his passion to deliver the best product, movie, or project that the client will cherish it forever.

Gerald takes his business, his talents, his gifts, and his responsibilities personally; because business should be personal.

BRECKPORT: Media Solutions. The premiere company in Video, Print, Kiosk, and Film Production, creation, and deliver in Northern California for your marketing, advertising, and project needs.